18 January, 2009

Emerge Urgency Oh Nine

Now that present time is teeter-tottering on the brink of the urge to emerge from a doddering old gaping sar-chasm embracing the wandering why, we are leaning into sharpnesses of frugality, becoming becalming centrifugality holding together the centre of a widening entropy gyre, flying apart concentrically at the seems-to-be.

Shards of sparkling carnival-glass-thought refract light and refocus caramelizedarkest night into a fractalfriction clarity in expansive contractivity; filling and emptying like a breathing Balkan goat bladder bleating a slightly mazurka’d tsardas.

And it isn’t all lost, so what’s found is the sound of one unlimited heart smiling in tandem with other unrestrained smiling hearts and melding into a chorus of silence and holding space, expansive in being and using imagination to image-a-nation/world transitioning through problems created by the mind of previous times, outside any limitation box and turning those problems with a holographic nuanced eyemindheart (a mirtrhful mindful heartily aware of limitless potential coming now through the dreaming door long lost tho available at every given moment).

Yes. To know.

And doesn’t the adept abruptly adapt, then interrupt a corrupt inept process adrift in shiftless error-correction creating an updraft of uplifting laughter after its aggregate cohesion collapses?

In the newness of a whirl becoming, we can learn to discern what is significant on beyond preconceived notions and postprocedural analysis-paralysis. We can release instinctual habitual rituals and re-turn turn turn again to those thrilling days of Evermore where wayward thoughts and pilgrim wanderings of nomadosophy point the closest way to egress, and we can evolve and proceed to our most fervent analogous whole.

With just a turning of the cards, history unfolds another infinite number of infant potential futures and repasts, faster than the speed of ahhhh and the whoa of whew, where ideas spill unnegated, ever the spark of the next subsequent Is –– and unrehearsed, barely pronounced (tho more than a likely guess), tiny like a windchime and oftener than not.