18 March, 2009

who are we to say

who are we to say
we cannot be the ones to say:
the infinence of these beings
are splendid in design and conception
incomparable in capacity
(even through blindspot lessons and flux)
and, in the fruits of the deepest knowing,
more expansive with each deeper breathing?

and who can say these fragmented selves
are not the perfect vehicles
for expressing waves of emotion
we are designed to receive and interpret
with some measure of grace and forbearance?

one octave at a time
in several simultaneous octaves,
universe expands and contracts
in accordance with the measure
of our radiance and beholdance.

why would we ever be taught to think
we cannot handle rites of passage
that temper and widen the knowing fibres
of these potentiating beings?

whose decision was this anyway?

how could it not be okay
to know many ways
to touch, receive and heal
ways to transmit
ways to unfold and re-center
to care for our deepest selves
(and through that, each other)
to expand beyond the obvious
not searching, but watching
carefully open
and tunefully aware.....?