13 December, 2015

••• QTN in December •••

••• Brian QTN in December •••

Monday December 21, 7 pm
Tsunami Books, 2525 Willamette

It’s a musical break from the holiday hoopla and a chance to tune into what else the turn of the season is all about. The houselights are dimmed and a stream of wordless guitar surges with two hands, six strings, wound wire and wood.
Bring a candle, friends and your best intentions for 2016. A non-perishable food item for the Food Bank is welcome too and will go a long way for someone in need. All ages are welcome.
$5 suggested though no one will be turned away for lack of $$ or food.

Tuesday December 22, 1:45 pm
on the Food Court Stage with special guests
I've just posted daybroughtlove, a track from The Sound of Photosynthesis at
Download the track and the entire CD will be postally mailed to you nearly instantaneously and a uniformed, uninformed government employee will deliver it
directly to your home just in time for your Saturnalian celebrations.

Take a moment and a breath and squint yer ears.

06 October, 2015


A great reason to be in Michigan next weekend and a chance to Ruin your Decor!

06 September, 2015

QTN September in Oregon

Poster photo by Karyn Raman

Also I'll be singing for a set at Eugene Saturday Market, Saturday September 19 at 1 pm!

27 June, 2015

Brian QTN's Summer On the Upper Left

Hi folks!
A crazy busy zoom from Texas to here following an unprecedented Kerrville Fest. Lotsa fun shows to play, so many people I love to see and visit, and a new QTN album delivered to me during Fest. It's already been hatched thanks to preorders and it's finding its way into the whirlybob even if its official release date is next year

To all who've preordered The Sound of Photosynthesis, many thanks. Your CDs are zooming postally to you soon as I get back to where I once belongated to in a few days. Get em hot off the presses at these shows too. Mail order? Just click the title and read more...

Oregon Country Fair is nearly here, life in the Fest lane once again, this time Upper Left style. I'll be singing to you at one of these places soon I'm thinkin...

••• OREGON COUNTRY FAIR JULY 10, 11 & 12 •••
The QBand this year sounds like it's Lewi Longmire, Jason Montgomery, Michael MacLeod,
Alan Eckert and special spontenacious guests.
We have three official sets (two for daytime fairgoers and one in the wee)
FRIDAY   JULY 10   BLUE MOON 3:30 pm 
Listen to this set live at KRVM.org at 3:30 pm Pacific time

(and for the campers...)
1:30 am at THE RITZ


Then, of course there's:
••• WEDS. JULY 15 – SCOBERT PARK EUGENE – 7 pm •••
The annual exhale concert! Picnics, kids, dogs, families and cookies encouraged.

A very special musical evening with sets from QTN,
from Austin, Texas!

New Seasons's Happy Valley; 15861 SE Happy Valley Town Cntr. Dr.
 5 to 7 pm. Free. All ages welcome!

••• WED. AUGUST 19 – 8 pm •••

5009 NE 11th Ave. 97211 (across from Alberta St. Pub)

Here's a new Youtube vid for you filmed by KUTX in Austin, Texas a few weeks back of me singing one of the tunes from the new album. I did a secret show with Raina Rose and Big Thief,
and one of my favourite live shows in a long while. Click here:

Hot veggie links:

08 June, 2015


I'm just back from this year's Kerrville Fest and am behind on sleep but the music was inspiring and fabulous. It's going to be a busy weeks of shows and a speedy return to Oregon early next week. My new album, The Sound of Photosynthesis arrived during Kerrville too so they'll be available at these shows. Come get your copy hot off the patootie press.

Here's this weeks schedule of gigs and gogs.

• TUESDAY JUNE 9 - Secret Show.... SHHHH! 
Buck Meek, Adrianne Lenker, me and Raina Rose are singing beginning at 9 pm in the hidden fields of Zilker Park. The details say: "The show is going to start at 9 pm on the dark side of those cliffs in the middle of the giant field at Zilker where ACL is held."

Hope that helps some...

• THURSDAY JUNE 11 - TANTRA COFFEEHOUSE IN SAN MARCOS along with The Deer, Adrianne and Buck's group Big Thief beginning at 6:30 pm and if that isn't enough, I'm sure other special guests will be abounding. Tell all your friends. 217 W. Hopkins, San Marcos 512.558.2233 tantracoffee.blogspot.com

• SATURDAY JUNE 13 - ART IN THE SQUARE IN SAN MARCOS, 3:15 pm outside with all the art booths.

• SUNDAY JUNE 14 - HOUSE CONCERT, HYDE PARK, AUSTIN. The last of this year's Texas concert batch: two QTN sets beginning early at 7 pm. RSVP for address and info. Seating is limited, RSVP necessary.

See you suddenly. Thanks to all of you who have preordered the new album.

Your corn forest pundit,

06 May, 2015

Brian Cutean's Goin Through Texas Withdrawl Tour 2015

Suddenly it's time again for another journey to the heart of central Texas for visiting, concerts, late night food and friends. I'm not sure how it got to be May already but time is often a surprise these days. It is spring, a new QTN album is heading thisaway and folks have been preordering like crazy, a good sign to me. A preview track and preorder info here.

Here's the first bunch of fun places I'll be sangin at real soon and there's more to come. Send me your email info and I'll put you on the list for updates. Contact me to book a show where you are. Email:
QTNZYME (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Fabulous poster by Grace Park of The Deer
FRIDAY MAY 8 - Patsy's Cowgirl Café Songwriter Circle with Nancy Scott, Scooter Pearce and Jon Emery. Last time we did this it sure was fun. A songpull of the highest quality! 6:30 - 9 at 5001 E Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78741/512.444.2020

SUNDAY MAY 10 - QTN Mother's Day Concert at Radio Coffee and Beer with guests and amazing friends. Music begins at 8 pm. Two sets so bring your mom. Don't miss this one. 4208 Manchaca Rd. Austin, TX 78704 radiocoffeeandbeer.com

THURSDAY MAY 14 - Linda Allen's Fine Foods in Wimberley with Ike Eichenberg 6:30 to 9 pm. A welcome return to a special town I went through often back in the 90s. I hear the food is amazing and I know the people are great. 500 FM 2325, Wimberley, Texas 78676 512.847.5464 lindasfinefoods.com

THURSDAY MAY 21 – JUNE 8 - The 44th Kerrville Folk Festival. I'll be there the whole time. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets, make your plans and come out to the Quiet Valley Ranch. Fall into the sky as you sing and meet a buncha people you may be friends with for the rest of your life.

TUESDAY JUNE 9 - Secret Show in Austin with Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek....
Inquire within...

THURSDAY JUNE 11 - Tantra Coffeehouse in San Marcos QTN with The Deer and Big Thief (featuring Buck Meek and Adrianne Lenker! Music begins at 6:30 pm. Join the San Martians for this big fun. 217 W. Hopkins, San Marcos 512.558.2233 tantracoffee.blogspot.com

02 April, 2015

the sound of photosynthesis ~ coming soon to an ear theatre near you!

Hello bright beings of the heartmusic soul!
What's that sound? April? The year already a third past and finally hearing the boing of spring? Yes indeed and the sound is partly this QTNewsletter singing to you after the longest strangest winter I've ever experienced.

Thanks for signing up for news and for hanging in there with me. Thanks too for all your postal cards, letters, e notes and calls. The Northwet is on fast forward this year and everything that makes pollen is bursting into watery eyes all around. Send me your updated email address so we can stay in touch. Long time no write your way for sooo many reasons and there's much to tell.

I've heard folk look at email on their phones these days without much time for chatty fingers, parenthetical asides and runaway brains, so I'll do my best to tuck it in and keep it brief. I'm excited by the big news I have to share:


We've just finished mixing a new QTN record/CD (8track cassette with dual sidebeams and a dot to dot puzzle built right in with all your daily requirements). I'm delighted by the way it all came together and the way it all sounds – ten glorious songs recorded with articulate, talented and expressive musical friends.

So what's it called?

Why, the sound of photosynthesis of course!

                        And believe you me, it really is.

So that's what that sound is...

cover ©2015 ila rose ilarose.com

This is a fun and spirited collection. The ten new tunes include a musical setting of an ee cummings poem, a duet with the bass wizard who performed with me for more than 30 years before leaving this swinging sphere and plenty more. Recorded in Portland, Eugene and Austin with nonpareil musician friends doing what they do best, the tunes have been mixed and mastered ALIVE and in 3D.

Manufacturing is the next step. Help me make CDs (and vinyl records?) happen by preordering your copy now for $15 each, shipping is included. Buy one for a friend too. Listen to one of the album's new songs here: (and use your earbuds or play it through good speakers so the bass comes through too) and preorder a CD right there on the same page. Click on the Buy Now link for instant Paypal or order by mail with check or money order. the sound of photosynthesis will ship hot off the press.

A peek at the cover art is coming soon too so bookmark this page and check back.

"Go postal" and order a copy by sending a check or money order made out to me  c/o 85444 Teague Loop, Eugene, OR 97401. Using the snail mail option may inspire flights of handwriting frenzy exchanges between us and that is a favourite thing to me, inveterate letter writer and reader I be.

Preordering is simple: no extensive email badgering from me, no last day flurry before the campaign runs out. You don't even have to remember you ordered it. [If the preorder response is soon, perhaps a limited run of real vinyl LPs too with big artwork and two sides (for those of you who like turnovers...).

This is all happening RIGHT NOW so let me hear from you. It's been 10 years somehow already since HeartheartheartH was unleashed and it feels mighty important to get this new QTN music into the brave new worldsphere ear at this swivelpivot time of our lives.

If you like Facebook, a link to the brian QTN page is below. Remember to select Get Notifications or you may not see updates. FB is strange that way. I think email is still the best way to get the word out.

Thanks for your ears all these years my dears.
I wouldn't be able to do this without you.

Your corn forest pundit,