21 December, 2018

QTN 2018 End of the Ear Retrospective

Hello to you at the turn of another year!
2018 has dwindled away and suddenly here we are in the years. Today the Winter Solstice and tomorrow, days begin to lengthen again. December is always a zoom of energy and a welcome reflective time and most especially this year. If folks seem a bit kinder and more open, that's no small thing these days. Perhaps it’s a cellular imprint on our earliest beings and all the old seasonal tales we’ve been told like mythological whispers replay with tidings of comfort and joy even as the world mostly seems like anything but. The pic above will show you how I’m celebrating this year...

Been a long time no type a hello, so hope yer doon most splendid in whatever you are bringing forth in fifths and sixths. Thanks for the emails and communications of all sorts and especially for hanging in here with me. Perhaps we’re moving forward through this brouhaha even though it sometimes feels like standing still. That’s the nature of process work and more than likely one of the main reasons we came here anyway.

In these days of extreme over stimulation and the continuing conflagrations of social structures and sensibilities, it is good to remember to go for a walk to a peaceful place, to sit quiet not doing, to make a pot of hearty soup, to play music for the sheer exuberance of it, to write a poem you mean or find a way in to the creative. The whole world depends on the creative process most days and perhaps many of the world’s problems are caused by folks missing their naps...

On a brighter note, to those of you who have asked and are interested, I’ve just initiated the option for you to be able to download all my recordings in one swell foop for one lolololo price. Six full length CDs worth of tunes and extra assorted audio oddities all for $38 are at brianQTN.bandcamp.com and they’re purchaseable, downloadable and streamable. 

Of course they are available separately too.  If you prefer physical CDs with real covers and liner notes etc, I’ve made another run of Guitarred and Feathered and Sound of Photosynthesis, Hearthearthearth, Parakeetfishhead and Lubricating the Species are still in print too. When you download The Sound of Photosynthesis album, if you’d like a poster of its splendicious cover art with the album's lyrics on the back, I can mail it to you postally as I’ve just found a stash.

This way, I get to come sing for you wherever you are and you get to help me keep this road open and get fun music to lift your spirits whenever you need it most. It is a good way to support your local artist and to nourish your insatiable taste for quality music.

Another wonderful thing this year: I found a sixteen minute video my brother Bruce made way back in 1995 of his earliest 3D Assembloids. Since he is no longer with us in form, it is the most we get to hear of his improvised guitar playing while looking at the details of his art he zooms in on. It’s at https://youtu.be/Im53zQFPrUc  on my Hibidiville youtube channel. Other vids there include a just-posted video of the bonus track from the HHH album of me and the Chapel Hill chimes filmed by Brad Burkons.

Solstice greets and huge thanks to you all for your many years of ears, letters, affirmation, believing in this music and your ideas and feedback and the etc too. It means a lot, especially these days. We'll need a lot of patience, love, sagacity and wherewithal to get through the challenges of this next year and we all have a front row seat. Onward and excelsior!

Your corn forest pundit,