30 June, 2011

QTN in JULY Oregon Country Fair and more!

The simmering of summer to you all and especially to you in the parched dry southland.

Just got back to Northwest and relieved to be out of the heat. Kerrville was sweet amazing dusty and dry as the land the Fest is on hasn't seen any rain since November. Time to put our collective noggins into the idea of rain for the southwest of this country. It's never been this bad there and summer has only just begun. Texas was just declared a statewide disaster area... and Arizona and New Mexico have both been on fire and can't be too far behind. Portland Peter suggests diverting the Mississippi River which has been flooding through a viaduct to carry it to Texas...That's why California is possible, (and  in trouble too thanks to the rapidly disappearing Colorado River...)

Anyways a busy July looms for me and even though some of you getting this are not near the Northwest, I am sending word to let you know that our Oregon Country Fair set this year will be streamed live via the internet so you can listen in from anywhere in the world. Yes web or net is something to get caught in, but alla same, this is a fun way to listen in realtime... and who knows what will happen with a band like this...

The Qband opens the 42nd Oregon Country Fair, Friday, July 8 at 11:55 am Pacfic Time and it will be broadcast on the radio locally as well as streamed worldwide at www.KLCC.org. You folks in Denmark and France will have to set your clocks accordingly. Anyone can record the set too to listen to over and over.

This year's band features:

Jason Montgomery on upright basso profundo
Lewi Longmire on mandolin
Oliver Steck on accordion
Perhaps Billy Oskay on fiddle and other surprises too in a 50 minute set of QTN tunes.

Life in the fest lane indeed. Pass the word on.
I have been told that I must make a FB event page for it too. I still like the old way best but I will accede accordingly...  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141922852551115

If you're coming to the Fair, my other "official" set will be Saturday July 9 on Shady Grove Stage at 2:15 pm. Look for us "unofficially" on the path, at Tofu Palace, Friday night by Blue Moon for Dana's Cheesecake's anniversary celebration, Sunday evening busking and maybe even in the sauna. In other words, the endibilities are postless...

Post fair looks like this and all these dates are in the Eugene area...

WEDNESDAY JULY 13  Scobert Park Gardens, 4th & Blair- Eugene 6:30 pm. Picnics and all ages
SATURDAY    JULY 16  South Eugene Mausoleum, with Raina Rose and Andrew Pressman
                    RSVP for more info through email
SUNDAY         JULY 17  Sam Bond's Garage, 408 Blair Blvd., w/ special guests 8:30 pm, 21+ over