04 July, 2019

QTNews and Dates – OCF and Beyond!

Ah… returning to Oregon for a brief new window of song and familiar new faces. It is time for the 50th Oregon Country Fair and I am combining my energies with the others who open wide in celebration every year. It is my 31st year of of performance and participation, to move with the waveform and breathe an analogous consciousness further into creative oblivion. 

I will be performing with The QBand, musicians of a high calibre who bring the songs I fashion into realtime tactile 5D. This year the band is Jason Montgomery on bass, Lewi Longmire on mandolin and singing, Michelle Alany on fiddle, Andrew Alikhanov on otherworldly clarinet and other guests Oliver Steck on accordion for our Shady Grove setand who knows who else. The many faceted entertainment possibilities at this event is truly audacious and astounding. See the entire line up at oregoncountryfair.org. 

After the Fair, I get to spin through Eugene to play music on several splendicious occasions all in the same week in the eccentric accepting community I’ve called home for nearly twenty years now. By fall I hope to be back on the Upper Left Edge as inhabitant and neighbour again and that is an idea that reaches in and tickles me Brino. 

Here are dates and places where our paths can cross in music, story and fellowship. 
Thanks for your ears my dears!

Your corn forest pundit,

•• Oregon Country Fair ••
Friday July 12 1:40 pm at Blue Moon
Sunday July 14 1:40 pm at Shady Grove

•• Scobert Park •• 
Wednesday July 17, 6:30 pm
Annual post OCF exhale concert!
Picnics, kids, dogs, families
and cookies encouraged. 
4th and Blair

•• Eugene Saturday Market ••
Saturday July 20, 11 am
QTNstrumental Wordless Guitar 

Later that same evening, Saturday July 20, 8 pm
•• QTN at Tsunami Books ••
2585 Willamette St
All ages welcome!
No one turned away for lack of dough re mi