14 June, 2013

Back in Oregon and a QTN/Weissman concert June 29!

I've had a wonderful Spring in Texas thanks to all the bright and open soulfamily amazos here. Never enough time here. Special thanks to Ike Eichenberg for this last weekend of shows and for Jesse Dalton for sitting in. 

Now it's time to head back to the Northwet Territories. OCF is coming up soon and next week I have two Oregon concerts. Thurs. June 25, 8 pm at Al's Den (at Portland's Crystal Hotel, 303 SW 12th Ave.) with Trevor Reichman and Sat. June 29 in concert with the amazing and articulate Dick Weissman in a night of finger-pickin and singin at Eugene's Tsunami Books. See you there!

This is a special night to celebrate Dick Weissman's amazing new disc and my solar return! Dick has moved back to Denver so his Northwest appearances are few and far between. He is a mentor and a brilliant musician who began performing with The Journeymen during the Great Folk Scare before The Beatles were ever heard of here. It's a pre-Fair peek week and a visit to my favourite bookstore where books are always on sale during the concert is always a fine idea.