07 December, 2013

QTN's December News

Howdy and welcome to this multiversal mindheart already in process!

A most propitious time of year it is with change hanging in the balance and patience always a fine idea. A busy blurry autumn in the midwest it was with lots of new places to sing and great visits with folks from many layers of my being and time.

I had the delicious and amazing pleasure of working with the cream of Portland's musical community recently to present a reenactment of The Band's farewell gig originally on Thanksgiving weekend 37 years ago. To sing with a huge group, a nine piece horn section and all the superb players is quite a thrill. Now musical friends have posted the tune I sang on youtube so watch it pasted below. Turn it up so you know it's got 100% soul...

Eugene's Holiday Market produced a television and radio spot using one of my tunes from Guitarred and Feathered for a soundtrack. Watch it in all its gloriosity here.

Laying low for the winter I am thinking about 2014. There are new places I'd like to play next year and I'm setting my squinted ears on completing another full length recording. I am creating fundage for it all and there are several ways you can contribute if you are so inclined.

I've finally set up a Paypal link under the email address QTNZYME (at)yahoo (dot)com. Some say it is easier than writing a check, making a money order or finding an envelope and stamps although I still love to use and receive postal mail. You can order these fun projects or any of my other CDs this way to as well as by postal mail. Specify what titles you are ordering and how many copies you want and they will mailed to you nearly instantaneously.

Here's a list of what's new:

QTNTFYOCF, Live at the Oregon Country Fair, is a limited-pressing 11 song CD with the ever-entertaining QBand live at one of the most amazing human gatherings I've ever been a part of made to celebrate my 25th year of playing there! There's waylotsa energy and crackly fun in these performances including a off- the-wall version of the anagram song Three Little Letters, QTN favourites and heretofore unreleased songs too. QBand musicians include Lewi Longmire, Jason Montgomery, Tim Heaton, Oliver Steck, Jeff Hobbs, Adam East and Kris Deelane and others.

This year I've printed download cards made of recycled shredded junk mail and embedded with wildflower seeds for hard-to-find QTN music. Just enter the code printed on the back at the bandcamp website, download tracks then put the card in some dirt in a flower pot and voila! Flowers will be growing in your house! The cards make great gifts for you and other music lovers on your list.

For now, there are two different cards:

Guitarred and Feathered, out of stock for now, download links to CD-quality sound files much much better than the ones available on iTunes. 10 tracks for $11 postage paid.

• My long out-of-print 45 with Food, The Mess Age and a rocking bonus track Ride Out are on a download card too; three high-res danceable QTN songs for $5 postage paid.

This email address works both ways so you can always write to me here. "Like" the QTN Facebook page here and post messages to my wall if you'd like to send word that way. (Email through this EFN address is always best as FB mail doesn't always work since I never finished filling out the profile.) Your feedback and communication is always welcome.

Careening into the Solstice we be, with graces intact and a burgeoning festive season upon this part of the whirl. My heart visits you and I thank you for all the wonderful ways we continue to interface and communicate. Here's to the new ear that is rapidly steamrolling thisaways. May we all perpetuate peaceful ways and listen carefully to the song of what we are evolving into.

Thank you.

Your corn forest pundit,

Turn it up and watch it full screen. A great band and horn section plays The Band. Video by Cass Wild.