12 May, 2014

Goin' Through Texas Withdrawl Tour 2014 (Boy, I'm-a tell you what...)

Greets of the green season to you!
40.000 feet and landing soon. In a year of crazy moons, wild storms and a winter like no other I recall, somehow already, the year is more than a third past. The future is now and it looks different than any other future we've ever seen. As it is quite evident, it's still too late to stop now.

There are people on this here mailing list who have received newsletters from me since the days of postcards. They've come out to hear this music and got to know the music for more than 30 years. This road I've traveled would not be here without them and too all of you who are reading.

Excited and happy I am to warm these bones in Texas, to visit the ones I can't wait to see again. Time to listen to mockingbirds and mourning doves, to dance beneath the diamond sky and taste the magnolia mimosa moonlight. I've concerts to play with musical friends, new tunes, old favourites and strange storytelling departures to share that we may ponder and laugh together at the many mysteries of this liferide.

With me this year is a new CD culled from 25+ years of live performances with the QBand at Oregon Country Fair, called QTNTFYOCF. The sale of it is helping fund mixes and mastering for a new QTN record I've been recording this winter.

The live CD will be available at shows and Kerrville. If you're interested in mail ordering the olde fashioned way with check or money order or the mod au go go paperless technology with paypal, that's fine, and for those who just want sound files instantly downloadable, that is available too. Why, the endibilities are posstless...

Here are May and June song-dates for you to come hear and fig for raisin consciousness. Last minute gig suggestions and additions are nearly always possible. Bulletins as they occur. Energy springs forth gushrushing forth in froth and profusion.

The giglist:


Sharing the evening with PURLY GATES!
Thursday May 15, 7 pm
3801 Berkman Drive, 78723
 in Austin's Mueller Neighborhood.
The event is BYOB. 512.589.8161

with NANCY SCOTT and a TBA songwriter!
Friday June 13, 6:30 pm
Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe
5001 E Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78744

Saturday, June 14 begins with a potluck at 6 pm
Suggested donation $15
Seating is limited so RSVP for info to:
trweinberg@yahoo.com or joannagel@yahoo.com
Directions to the house concert will be sent.
A beautiful house for a concert, an amazing potluck beforehand
and a wonderful community of folks!

Music, Spoken Word, Sonic Surprise and special guests!
Sunday June 15, 7 pm
Hyde Park Theatre, 511 West 43rd St.
(a half-block east of Guadalupe St.)
Quite the meeting of mindhearts and otherwise
in the hallowed HPT space.

Your continued prescence, part of the bloodflow mindkythe and musicalogica that always and evre exudes through every pore and vessel is muchly appreciated. These lives and times get stranger and more incredible with each new breathing. The dice are always rolling.

The news page on my website is updated to stay current and I'm doing my best to keep the "brian QTN" Facebook page updated too. "Like" the page and click "Get Notifications" and my posts will show up on your wall. It can't collect "friends", but anyone can share news there, post pics and vids and say howdy (always did figure I'm kinda off the wall...).

Everpresently and effevescently,

I remain

Your Corn Forest Pundit