07 December, 2014

I'm Raybo

It comes from the lightsource that has no direction
unshadowed perfection illuminates mind 
As it was on the mountain, it is now in the meadow
just a half step ahead of what's rolling behind

From this moment to moment we've ceded to showmen
who've upstaged one another just for shining their stars 
Now the truth has been buried long before the main feature
you can't seem to reach her from your haunted snackbar

Friend, friend, til your thoughts meet the end
will it further depend on just letting it be
It's been gone long on a dream and a song
can it be that a home has been searching for me?

You are constantly stalking peripheral vision
like a god-given mission to invite it all in
How the thinnest of moments can begin all creation
with the slightest vibration to a watery skin

There are all things in one thing and the one thing in all things
there's just no thing like that thing outside of the one
and the name's not important to this endless assortment
I've called it the moon, I would call it the sun

Frail, frail hope and you bail
a hopefilling sail may keep finding more seeds
We've been gone long on a dream and a song
can it be that a home has been searching for me? 

"Searching for Me" by Raybo Novak
He's Raybo and a part of so many hearts. No one who's known him will ever be the same... Thank you Raybo for all you are.

06 October, 2014

October Ramblins - A Heron in Front of the Moon

October already? What th-? Suddenly I am winging eastward to the changing time in the far east midwest. It's one of those seasonal QTN spins, coming soon to play music in at a venue near you.

There's a heron in front of the moon and I am open to other houseconcerts or last minute booking ideas etc. Let me know if there is a place in your community that might be interested in hosting a concert.

I've just finished mixing a new recording and it's quite the batch of newly-minted tunes and includes my collaboration with ee cummings. More coming soon about all this and a chance to preorder the finished result too

Hope to see you out there.
Spread the word and bring your friends!

♫♪♫•*♪♫•*¨*•.♪♫*  BRIAN CUTEAN  *♪♫•*¨*♪♫•*¨*•.♪

My stage set is 11:55 am and later at 2:45 pm in the Kennicott Courtyard.
I've played this fest 15 + years and IT'S STILL FUN.
Music, crafts, food and history outdoors on a golden autumn day.
All ages welcome.

The Grove National Historic Landmark is at 1421 Milwaukee Ave.
Glenview, IL 60025. Phone is 847.299.6096

This coffeehouse is located in the Unitarian Universalist Church. It's been around so many years, the last time I played here was before the Millennium way back in the last century.

The concert is not a church function and all ages are welcome.
Tickets: adults $15, kids $10

70 Sycamore Dr. Park Forest, IL 60466 – just south of downtown Park Forest off Western Ave.

OAK PARK, IL • 6:30 pm
The Buzz is a small all-ages venue.

905 S. Lombard Ave, Oak Park, IL. 60304  708.524.2899 

03 September, 2014

Brian Cutean's 2nd Vibrational Odds n Ends Record-making FUN raiser sale

Last September, I held a sale to assist the funding of my new album project. Thanks to that response, I've recorded a dozen new tunes and I'm now approaching the necessary fundraising to complete the mixing, mastering and manufacturing of the project, at this writing entitled the sound of photosynthesis.

Instead of kickstartin, indiegoin or any of those things,  I'm hosting a one day sale of my personal collection of high-quality vintage records, tapes, and strange vintage collectible ephemera to fund the completion of the new recording,

The sale will be at Tsunami Books Saturday, September 20 beginning at 10 am (and not before) and continuing until 6 pm. At 7 pm, I'll to perform a two set concert on Tsunami's beautiful wooden stage.

This is a relaxed fundraising sale for people, not record dealers. There will be a drawing for a door prize too. A drawing will be held and someone will win an unopened vinyl copy of my 1988 LP, Lubricating the Species, which has somehow become a sought-after collectible.

Crowdsourcing is an interesting word and has made many projects possible. I’ve gotten quite a few letters from folks saying they would rather give a contribution directly to an artist instead of paying website percentages to someone else, hence this FUN-raising energy exchange idea.

This will be my last Eugene area concert until December at the earliest. See you there!

18 August, 2014

QTN in Portland this weekend!

I'm playing a couple of fun evenings of music and mayhem in Portland this month, one Wordless and one heavily-worded. On Friday, an evening of QTNstrumental Wordless Guitar music at New Seasons' Happy Valley store. Then on Sunday a Celebration of St Francis Park in inner SE Portland where I've done many a concert in other years.

The details:

5 to 7 pm
QTNstrumental Wordless Guitar Music

New Seasons Market/Happy Valley, OR
15861 SE Happy Valley Town Cntr. Dr.
Free • All ages welcome

7 pm
A Celebration of St Francis Park concert!

SE 12TH and Oak
Other music 4 to 8 pm
 Kate Power and Steve Einhorn at 4 pm
The Begonias at 5 pm
Tim Acott, Pete Krebs, Jessie Spero and Dan Haley at 6
Free for all ages and food to eat!

A Celebration of St. Francis Park, Sunday August 24 from 4 to 8 pm in the park next to the building between SE 12th and Oak and Stark streets. There will be displays showing the history of this beautiful place, the opportunity to share stories and memories, live music, good food and more. 

06 July, 2014

Heading to the 45th Oregon Country Fair. Listen in live from wherever ye be!

QTN and the QBand beneath a blue peach-coloured sky at OCF

Summery times, the sun and heat, water, and life in the fest lane to ye all!

It's half past another year and that means time for Oregon Country Fair. I've barely recovered from last month's 22 day Kerrville extravaganza and it's been a startling and breathtaking spring road. Everywhere I go, weather is morphing into new and unfamiliar forms and time to float through a blue breezy 3D cloudsky day is rare and morphogenic.

Texas skies were beautiful, some rain, some hot and waylotsa fine company and especially those thus Fested. Now I suddenly find myself back in the Northwest and it's still startling and breathtaking for a whole nother set of blue breezy 3D cloudsky day reasons.

This week I'm remembering to practice my annual learning: how to sleep again. It's difficult to slow the moleculars when the vital life energy keeps pumping it up, so it's all I can do to hang on. The mane is familiar, tho the pace escapes me...

Recordings we began back in February/March are sounding like a new album to me and I'm delighted with how it all continues to come together. New songs, splendid musicians and big surprises. With a bit of luck it may even ready for yer ears to squint at by harvest time. Lotsa whoooeeee if you ask me. More news on this soon.

Believe you me.

Speaking of Oregon Country Fair, this year everyone on this mailing (even as far away as Poitier, France and The Yurt of Yannick) will be able to tune in to our QBand set on Blue Moon Stage next Sunday at 4:45 pm PST (7:45 pm EST). If you're local, tune a radio in to KRVM. If you're anywhere else on the planet stream it live in real time at krvm.org. See the whole OCF schedule at oregoncountryfair.org and listen in for other sets. KLCC is broadcasting Mainstage sets too.

The OCF land disappears beneath the Long Tom River each year. In the summer, the river sleeps and something other comes  through – something groovilicious, spontenacious, raggedy, hilarious and even slightly obsesstuous, higher than the whirld and centrifugally expansive. Nothing like it ever was and never will be again even as it's changed again by the time you've read these words.

The live at Oregon Country Fair CD, QTNTFYOCF is still helping fund the recording of my new untitled project. If you'd like to order QTNTFYOCF and help an entirely new record that is still being made, and have it brought directly to your door by a uniformed government worker, you have only to email me and say the word and the duck comes down. Order instantaneously through paypal or send me one of those pieces of check or money order paper that will be delivered to me by a different uniformed george mcgovernment worker.

If you are not receiving email updates from me, send your email address to QTNZYME (at) yahoo.com and I will add you to the list or "like" the Brian QTN page on FB then remember to click "Get Notifications" otherwise you mostly won't...

Thanks for hanging in with me and welcome to the new names on the list.
Bookmark this page for the latest news, gig info and fun pics.

Your corn forest pun-dit

Here's our set times. On Sunday, you can be here while you're still there!

Brian QTN / QBand at Oregon Country Fair!

Friday July 11 – 
Spontenacity abounding and playing on the path

Saturday July 12 – Shady Grove – 1 pm
Sunday July 13 – Blue Moon – 4:45 pm PST
streamed live at www.krvm.org

Order OCF tickets ahead as admission is capped and NO tickets are available at the site.
See the complete schedule and order tickets through www.oregoncountryfair.org
In Portland, tickets available at Music Millennium.

23 June, 2014

Back in Oregon! Time for a two city tour with Dick Weissman

Just back from Texas boy, I'ma tell you whut. I've got two fun concerts coming up back to back with Dick Weissman; a mentor friend performer who has been doing his musical work as a one-of-a-kind, well-traveled musician/author since his early days performing with The Journeymen (during what Utah Phillips called “The Great Folk Music Scare of the early 1960s”). He has continued to be prolific, inventive and non stop, with 9 solo albums, 18 published books 50 instructional books for banjo and guitar and countless classes, workshops and record productions. Weissman lived in Portland for the last 10 years and has since relocated back to Denver.

I'm just getting back from my annual Texas tour which included shows around central Texas and the 43rd Kerrville Folk Festival. Lotsa great folks and tunes along the way.

For the second year, Dick Weissman and I get to share an evening of string-picking and song-singing to celebrate his new book and my solar return next Saturday June 28 at Portland's legendary Artichoke Music and Sunday June 29 at the most wonderful bookstore in Eugene, Tsunami Books.

This unique musical evening will be a treat. If you'd like to see Dick with his old group, The Journeymen, from the pre-Beatle days of the Great Folk Scare, look them up on youtube. The other guys in the group were John Phillips (Mamas and Papas) and Scott McKenzie (If You're Going to San Francisco) and Dick is the surviving member.

This year will be my 26th year of playing the Oregon Country Fair and I'll be sending my Fair schedule soon.

See you all suddenly!

11 June, 2014

Last QTN Texas dates this tour!

Oh what a most splendicious and very full time at the Quiet Valley Ranch and this year's Folk Festival! Many songs were exchanged, many new stories told and plenty of favourite songs, lotsa late nights at Crow's Nest and time with amazing beings. This late night amazing picture from a Crow's campfire was snapped by Neale Eckstein. The music is there too but you woulda had to been there; it remains etheric, intrinsic and morphogenic.

With less than a week of Texas left in me for this year, here are a few more places you can come hear QTN songs. Haven't slept much the last month but I'm-a rarin to go and looking forward to all these fun gigs.

With me this year is a new CD culled from 25+ years of live performances with the QBand at Oregon Country Fair, called QTNTFYOCF. The sale of it is helping fund mixes and masterieng for a new QTN record I've been recording this winter and am mixing at the end of this month. Every little bit helps to make this new one come through.

See you soon at one of these.

The giglist:


Friday June 13, 6:30 pm
Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe
5001 E Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78744

Saturday, June 14 • Potluck at 6 pm
Suggested donation $15
Seating is limited so RSVP for info to:
trweinberg@yahoo.com or joannagel@yahoo.com
Directions to the house concert will be sent.
A beautiful house for a concert
and a wonderful community of folks!

Music, Spoken Word, Sonic Surprises and Special Guests
Grace Park, Ike Eichenberg, Jesse Dalton
Sunday June 15, 7:30 pm
Sliding scale $10 - $15
Hyde Park Theatre, 511 West 43rd St.
(a half-block east of Guadalupe St.)
Quite the meeting of mindhearts and otherwise
in the hallowed HPT space.

Everpresently and effervescently

12 May, 2014

Goin' Through Texas Withdrawl Tour 2014 (Boy, I'm-a tell you what...)

Greets of the green season to you!
40.000 feet and landing soon. In a year of crazy moons, wild storms and a winter like no other I recall, somehow already, the year is more than a third past. The future is now and it looks different than any other future we've ever seen. As it is quite evident, it's still too late to stop now.

There are people on this here mailing list who have received newsletters from me since the days of postcards. They've come out to hear this music and got to know the music for more than 30 years. This road I've traveled would not be here without them and too all of you who are reading.

Excited and happy I am to warm these bones in Texas, to visit the ones I can't wait to see again. Time to listen to mockingbirds and mourning doves, to dance beneath the diamond sky and taste the magnolia mimosa moonlight. I've concerts to play with musical friends, new tunes, old favourites and strange storytelling departures to share that we may ponder and laugh together at the many mysteries of this liferide.

With me this year is a new CD culled from 25+ years of live performances with the QBand at Oregon Country Fair, called QTNTFYOCF. The sale of it is helping fund mixes and mastering for a new QTN record I've been recording this winter.

The live CD will be available at shows and Kerrville. If you're interested in mail ordering the olde fashioned way with check or money order or the mod au go go paperless technology with paypal, that's fine, and for those who just want sound files instantly downloadable, that is available too. Why, the endibilities are posstless...

Here are May and June song-dates for you to come hear and fig for raisin consciousness. Last minute gig suggestions and additions are nearly always possible. Bulletins as they occur. Energy springs forth gushrushing forth in froth and profusion.

The giglist:


Sharing the evening with PURLY GATES!
Thursday May 15, 7 pm
3801 Berkman Drive, 78723
 in Austin's Mueller Neighborhood.
The event is BYOB. 512.589.8161

with NANCY SCOTT and a TBA songwriter!
Friday June 13, 6:30 pm
Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe
5001 E Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78744

Saturday, June 14 begins with a potluck at 6 pm
Suggested donation $15
Seating is limited so RSVP for info to:
trweinberg@yahoo.com or joannagel@yahoo.com
Directions to the house concert will be sent.
A beautiful house for a concert, an amazing potluck beforehand
and a wonderful community of folks!

Music, Spoken Word, Sonic Surprise and special guests!
Sunday June 15, 7 pm
Hyde Park Theatre, 511 West 43rd St.
(a half-block east of Guadalupe St.)
Quite the meeting of mindhearts and otherwise
in the hallowed HPT space.

Your continued prescence, part of the bloodflow mindkythe and musicalogica that always and evre exudes through every pore and vessel is muchly appreciated. These lives and times get stranger and more incredible with each new breathing. The dice are always rolling.

The news page on my website is updated to stay current and I'm doing my best to keep the "brian QTN" Facebook page updated too. "Like" the page and click "Get Notifications" and my posts will show up on your wall. It can't collect "friends", but anyone can share news there, post pics and vids and say howdy (always did figure I'm kinda off the wall...).

Everpresently and effevescently,

I remain

Your Corn Forest Pundit

31 January, 2014

Year of the Horse and Groat Clusters Concert Saturday February 15 at 8 pm

Last year hasn't slowed down much yet and quite the spin cycle it's been. I've lotsa news to tell, but it will all have to wait.

Maybe I'll stop eating for awhile and save time from itself when nobody else was looking. Besides, whenever I fast, I slow.

Mr. Owl ate my metal worm

and... there's hamburger all over the highway in Mystic, Connecticut.

Now for the rumours behind the news....