23 June, 2014

Back in Oregon! Time for a two city tour with Dick Weissman

Just back from Texas boy, I'ma tell you whut. I've got two fun concerts coming up back to back with Dick Weissman; a mentor friend performer who has been doing his musical work as a one-of-a-kind, well-traveled musician/author since his early days performing with The Journeymen (during what Utah Phillips called “The Great Folk Music Scare of the early 1960s”). He has continued to be prolific, inventive and non stop, with 9 solo albums, 18 published books 50 instructional books for banjo and guitar and countless classes, workshops and record productions. Weissman lived in Portland for the last 10 years and has since relocated back to Denver.

I'm just getting back from my annual Texas tour which included shows around central Texas and the 43rd Kerrville Folk Festival. Lotsa great folks and tunes along the way.

For the second year, Dick Weissman and I get to share an evening of string-picking and song-singing to celebrate his new book and my solar return next Saturday June 28 at Portland's legendary Artichoke Music and Sunday June 29 at the most wonderful bookstore in Eugene, Tsunami Books.

This unique musical evening will be a treat. If you'd like to see Dick with his old group, The Journeymen, from the pre-Beatle days of the Great Folk Scare, look them up on youtube. The other guys in the group were John Phillips (Mamas and Papas) and Scott McKenzie (If You're Going to San Francisco) and Dick is the surviving member.

This year will be my 26th year of playing the Oregon Country Fair and I'll be sending my Fair schedule soon.

See you all suddenly!

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