01 May, 2010

QTN Texas Withdraw'l Tour 2010 Update and correction

Howdy to all the Texas tribe and all the pilgrims headed here for another Kerrville Folk Fest (kerrvillefolkfestival.com) as well as all of you everywhere. Time to play a lot of music, sweat plenty, walk everywhere, have time to visit and get away from these crazy computers for a breather. I am celebrating a new CD, Guitarred and Feathered and a new colouring book.

Here are concert dates I hope to see you at and a reminder to come make your home in The Valley for a few weeks. Last minute updates posted here or sign up for email: QTNZYME (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks for all your kind wishes and thoughts!
See you suddenly!

• THURSDAY MAY 13 – THE ELEPHANT ROOM – 3rd and Congress, Happy Hour, 6 to 8 pm. This annual reunion of Austin pickers from long ago is early evening, organized by Stanley Smith and features a plethora of talent: Dave Scheidel, Stanley Smith, Ike Eichenberg, East Side Flash, Beth Galiger, myself and many many others.

• FRIDAY MAY 14 – SAN MARCOS HOUSECONCERT, 6:30 pm Call Amy Sue at 503.737.8490 for details or email me for the address. Facebook enabled? See an invite here

• SUNDAY MAY 16 – CAFE CAFFEINE - 908 W.Mary, South Austin, 5 to 7 pm with bassman Robert Vignaud. We usually get a concert in June but this year it looks like we'll be celebrating Robert's b-earthday instead. Always a pleasure to make music together with guests popping up spontenaciously. Two sets of tunes and all ages welcome. Sliding scale cover. Special guest the one and only Frank Hill!

• AUSTIN SECRET SHOW – With The Blue Hit and McMercy Family! Location announced here

JUST ADDED! • FRIDAY, MAY 21, AUSTIN HOUSE CONCERT – Off 290W in far south Austin, 8 pm with Cindy Pitts opening. $10 donation. Address, directions and info, call 512.288.5562, 512.431.9347. Right on the way to Kerrville and just before Land Rush!

• MAY 27 to JUNE 13 – KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL – 18 days of music and in-tents community. Sing around the Crow's Nest until dawn. Lots of incredible daily concerts and I host the Ballad Tree Saturday June 12. Come sign up and share a tune, a poem or tale with a great attentive group.