01 February, 2011

New Guitarred and Feathered review

Brian Cutean gets "Guitarred and Feathered"
By Gary Tuber
Chicago Folk Music Examiner

Clearly, Brian Cutean, code name "QTN," has a sense of humor. Starting with the title of his latest CD. Guitarred and Feathered, the liner notes acknowledge Harpo Marx for the lyrics, and Marcel Marceau for background vocals.

It's an instrumental CD!

Besides, Marceau was a little flat a few times.

Seriously, though, folks, Guitarred and Feathered consists of ten beautifully-crafted original compositions by Brian. Just guitar. You can play the CD in your office, and the boss won't get mad. If (s)he does, get another job. You don't need to work for such a Bozo (no offense to clowns everywhere).

How to convey a sense of humor through an instrumental CD? Well, short of playing The Pink Panther, or Dueling Kazoos, you don't. The jokes stop when the guitar starts. This is as it should be.

Did I mention it's distributed through Burnttoothbrush Records? Of course it is.

Guitarred and Feathered is just great guitar work, so enjoy. And smile as you try to pick out the Marcel Marceau harmonies.

Check out Brian's web page: QTNRG.org.