12 January, 2016

A Valentine's Street Date?

Long time no send you spelling, words or news...
My greets from this burgeoning New Ear to you.

Finally back in Oregon after a very long Wood Goat year and hoping the 2016 Fire Monkey will be something a bit more playful.

So many unbelievable things happened last year and I sure am glad for a space to process awhile. One of the most best and most amazing things was the mix, master and manufacture of a new QTN record appropriately titled the sound of photosynthesis.

It's here! A New Ear and a new QTN album to hear!

Little did I know when I booked a week at Destination Universe (the studio with the most robots and science fiction i've seen) and jumped in with my musician friends that the world would forever be so deeply rearranged and just at the most appropriate moment too.

A Valentine Street Date?

That's the day the sound of photosynthesis will be streamable as a whole album via this Bandcamp page. Each week until February 14, a different tune from the album will be added to the tunes already posted. Starting today you can hear Next Big Thing with me, Jason Montgomery, Lewi Longmire, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee and Simon Lucas. Start your day with a new QTN tune up.

Check in with my newspage here and bookmark the link for updates to be notified each week. If you 'Like' the QTN FB page (don't forget to click 'Get Notifications'), you'll receive a link to each week's new track and updates. The street date is six weeks away, but you don't have to wait to order the new album. It's already available for downloading and you can order a physical CD too via Bandcamp right now – at this very moment.

Will you be my Valentine Street Date?

I need help getting the word out so tell friends and share the Bandcamp link wherever you can. Streamlisten whole tunes or download album-quality files or mp3s. A limited run vinyl version of the album is coming too so get orders in early for that. The reference lacquer we cut sounds amazing on a real stereo turntable...

Monkey will prevail one way or another this next year and that's the perfect excuse for a mischievous celebration to send this new record out into the world and into the infinite aeythyrs. Monkey Year begins February 8, Valentine's on the 14th... And the many petalled tale tells the road less taken... The point is taken, the beast is dead, the fluff, as they say, goes up your nose.

Your thoughtfulkind letters of the past year have been big soulheartfood and I thank you.

May you know that there's always a heart that beats inside your own.

Your corn forest pundit