13 April, 2009

cool as they usta

you could find anybody cool as they usta
but how many still remember to see
who could imagine the things in a circus bag
all the accessories anyone could need

you seem to resemble a different kind of mere or
reflecting the meaning of nonsense
walking with a tooth long as elephant biting
you could be writing a book

inside idea truth lies like an anthem
an ocean of stillness couldn’t listen to sad
plenty of money is the call of the millioned
you could imagine the size of that hole

so anyone hears keening running like praying
a trickle of water sounds dripping on rocks
'til every emerge urgency surges in urging
purging the feet of the socks

for way inside stillness, pulsings exude
including concluding protruding
tipping vast jars mixing senses together:
hearing velvet,
smelling C#,
tasting blue