03 September, 2014

Brian Cutean's 2nd Vibrational Odds n Ends Record-making FUN raiser sale

Last September, I held a sale to assist the funding of my new album project. Thanks to that response, I've recorded a dozen new tunes and I'm now approaching the necessary fundraising to complete the mixing, mastering and manufacturing of the project, at this writing entitled the sound of photosynthesis.

Instead of kickstartin, indiegoin or any of those things,  I'm hosting a one day sale of my personal collection of high-quality vintage records, tapes, and strange vintage collectible ephemera to fund the completion of the new recording,

The sale will be at Tsunami Books Saturday, September 20 beginning at 10 am (and not before) and continuing until 6 pm. At 7 pm, I'll to perform a two set concert on Tsunami's beautiful wooden stage.

This is a relaxed fundraising sale for people, not record dealers. There will be a drawing for a door prize too. A drawing will be held and someone will win an unopened vinyl copy of my 1988 LP, Lubricating the Species, which has somehow become a sought-after collectible.

Crowdsourcing is an interesting word and has made many projects possible. I’ve gotten quite a few letters from folks saying they would rather give a contribution directly to an artist instead of paying website percentages to someone else, hence this FUN-raising energy exchange idea.

This will be my last Eugene area concert until December at the earliest. See you there!