15 February, 2009

QTN's Whirly Winter Wordscape

Hoppy now ears to you all over the turning whirldsphere.
We are perched at the end of an era, the end of an error or perhaps even the ear of Ananda. Many fine things are beginning now too. Long time no send update. Thanks for all the encouragings to keep 'em coming. 2008 was a busy yahhhhhhh of a year with plenty of travel and zoooom and it is looking to be that way again. After a brief wordy wonderwander, there are four newsy items:

A. A winter CD deal with an added treat.
B. New wordless music webpage
C. QTN and Robert Vignaud deal with their inner Tube...

Indeed it is quite the New Ear to Real Eyes and changlings everywhere are off to a swimming start especially in low-lying areas around the Pacific Northwet after mudslides, avalanches. underwater highways, snow before the first day of winter that wouldn't go away, rain that wouldn't stop, more than our usual quota of freezing fog and too many other exciting events.

Winter is a good time to begin again and, since 2009 is the last year of the Uh-Oh Decade, we're going to need a new name for the next ten years, something more eloquent than "The Teens'. Be the first to coin a new name, send it to me and I'll post it in a future newsletter. I plan to be a better corn forest spondent in 09 than I was last year. Everything got away in the mad dash across the dotted lines dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot... 

We arrived into an Earth Ox year January 26 and that sounds like a good urge to exercise personal and communal fortitude and hard work to create the great renewable a-bun-dance. Do we ever have work cut out for us all this next year or what? And besides being an Ox year, with all the job layoffs, is it also the Year of the Ax? Stay tuned, but let's think in terms of possibility instead of dread. A good time to not buy the fearmind or anything superfluously.

Here's a hearty toast to future projects burgeoning and coming into form. Another toast to electrically crisped slices of bread with a blackberry jam session. Here's to being bread in the bone and to being well bred(ed). It's the yeast I could do really. I am already full up this winter with what I hope to accomplish before the mad year descends again so no more loafing here either.

Time for blips:

A • Been waiting for the perfect time to order CDs from me? All signs say it's now. I'm ringing in the new by moving out the old in order to come up with $$ to finish two new recordings. Here's the deal: order Hearthearthearth, Parakeetfishhead and Lubricating the Species CDs and get all three for $36 postage included. Plus, I'll send a free, signed bonus disc of 4 unreleased QTN recordings from the archives with every three for two order. Order online at
QTNRG.org using Paypal, my website has been configured to reflect the winter deal. Bite-sized mantras can still be ordered through the website too and have their own domain now at www.bitesizedmantras.com. It's bare bones for now, but we hope to make this one fun soon.

B • A new page for QTNstrumentals has been hatched online for those of you who have enjoyed the wordless guitar music I play and for those who are curious what it's like to not deal with all those pesky lyrics and meanings. Visit
www.myspace.com/QTNstrumentals and have a listen. Say howdy there if your a spacer or put in a friend request too. The other page is www.myspace.com/brianQTN. "Food" is still in the top 300 of 3000 songs on Neil Young's 'Living with War' protest song page at neilyoung.com/lwwtoday/lwwsongspage.html. Thanks to all of you still clicking on it to keep it going up the chart. At one point it was in the top 30. I hear you can even see the "Food" link briefly in the CSNY movie about the "Living with War" tour of 2007. 

C • We've been Tubed! A new video has been posted from last Father's Day at Jovita's in Austin. The ever-amazing and multi-faceted bassist extrordinaire Robert Vignaud has posted us performing "Standing People Trees" and I hear there may be a couple more videos to come. Copy and paste this in your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIQPyNLyw0E 
and watch and listen. Leave a comment if you're an inner youtube-r. Say 'Yes i yam."

Thanks for all the feedback, personal emails and encouraging hilarity.
There sure are a lot of people
in me. Thanks for being one of them.
Your corn forest spondent,