05 July, 2018

QTN Summer News, livestream concert and albums available again!

Hello to you all and the turn of another season to you as the burgeoning summer is upon us once again! Here’s three sections of summer-y details of upcoming Oregon shows and two newly-available-again QTN recordings.

•• Suddenly June and it’s been a wild year for me mostly spent in Chicago area since last July in eldercare mode with my dad. Time for performance and travel has been mostly nonexistent and it is an amazing grace that allows me two weeks respite to return to Oregon to homebase, to cut the mile high grass, trim the wild blackberries where I ostensibly live and once again, play with the inimitable and evre-amazing Qband for my 30th consecutive Oregon Country Fair. 

This year, our set at the legendary Blue Moon stage will be streamed online via KRVM FM on Saturday July 14 at 4:20 pm Pacific Time. Just go to krvm.org and we’ll play for you wherever you are.
OCF Awkward Stage
2017 from left Jason Montgomery, QTN, Simon Lucas and Kate O'Brien

•• I’ve finally remanufactured Guitarred and Feathered, my 2010 album featuring one guitar and no words recorded in front of eight splendid mics. The first pressing sold our quickly and though it’s been downloadable on my Bandcamp page, physical CDs are not the same as files and folks have been asking for another run. The wordless music is a fine listen and the fabulous feather paintings on the cover were done by New Mexico Theresa Gray and quite remarkable.

•• Amazingly, this year is the 30th anniversary of my first album, Lubricating the Species, recorded way back in 1987, and released the following year in time for me to peddle it at the 19th Oregon Country Fair way back in the 20th century days of Runny Raygun when ketchup was a vegetable and trees caused pollution. I’ve made a lot of albums since but that was the first and though you can still find vinyl copies online for collector’s prices, I’ve finally placed it on my Bandcamp page for streaming, downloading and instant ordering (brianQTN.bandcamp.com). There are other CDs available there too.

Always glad to hear from you. 
Hope to see you next in real time.

Your corn forest pundit,