06 July, 2014

Heading to the 45th Oregon Country Fair. Listen in live from wherever ye be!

QTN and the QBand beneath a blue peach-coloured sky at OCF

Summery times, the sun and heat, water, and life in the fest lane to ye all!

It's half past another year and that means time for Oregon Country Fair. I've barely recovered from last month's 22 day Kerrville extravaganza and it's been a startling and breathtaking spring road. Everywhere I go, weather is morphing into new and unfamiliar forms and time to float through a blue breezy 3D cloudsky day is rare and morphogenic.

Texas skies were beautiful, some rain, some hot and waylotsa fine company and especially those thus Fested. Now I suddenly find myself back in the Northwest and it's still startling and breathtaking for a whole nother set of blue breezy 3D cloudsky day reasons.

This week I'm remembering to practice my annual learning: how to sleep again. It's difficult to slow the moleculars when the vital life energy keeps pumping it up, so it's all I can do to hang on. The mane is familiar, tho the pace escapes me...

Recordings we began back in February/March are sounding like a new album to me and I'm delighted with how it all continues to come together. New songs, splendid musicians and big surprises. With a bit of luck it may even ready for yer ears to squint at by harvest time. Lotsa whoooeeee if you ask me. More news on this soon.

Believe you me.

Speaking of Oregon Country Fair, this year everyone on this mailing (even as far away as Poitier, France and The Yurt of Yannick) will be able to tune in to our QBand set on Blue Moon Stage next Sunday at 4:45 pm PST (7:45 pm EST). If you're local, tune a radio in to KRVM. If you're anywhere else on the planet stream it live in real time at krvm.org. See the whole OCF schedule at oregoncountryfair.org and listen in for other sets. KLCC is broadcasting Mainstage sets too.

The OCF land disappears beneath the Long Tom River each year. In the summer, the river sleeps and something other comes  through – something groovilicious, spontenacious, raggedy, hilarious and even slightly obsesstuous, higher than the whirld and centrifugally expansive. Nothing like it ever was and never will be again even as it's changed again by the time you've read these words.

The live at Oregon Country Fair CD, QTNTFYOCF is still helping fund the recording of my new untitled project. If you'd like to order QTNTFYOCF and help an entirely new record that is still being made, and have it brought directly to your door by a uniformed government worker, you have only to email me and say the word and the duck comes down. Order instantaneously through paypal or send me one of those pieces of check or money order paper that will be delivered to me by a different uniformed george mcgovernment worker.

If you are not receiving email updates from me, send your email address to QTNZYME (at) yahoo.com and I will add you to the list or "like" the Brian QTN page on FB then remember to click "Get Notifications" otherwise you mostly won't...

Thanks for hanging in with me and welcome to the new names on the list.
Bookmark this page for the latest news, gig info and fun pics.

Your corn forest pun-dit

Here's our set times. On Sunday, you can be here while you're still there!

Brian QTN / QBand at Oregon Country Fair!

Friday July 11 – 
Spontenacity abounding and playing on the path

Saturday July 12 – Shady Grove – 1 pm
Sunday July 13 – Blue Moon – 4:45 pm PST
streamed live at www.krvm.org

Order OCF tickets ahead as admission is capped and NO tickets are available at the site.
See the complete schedule and order tickets through www.oregoncountryfair.org
In Portland, tickets available at Music Millennium.

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