08 June, 2015


I'm just back from this year's Kerrville Fest and am behind on sleep but the music was inspiring and fabulous. It's going to be a busy weeks of shows and a speedy return to Oregon early next week. My new album, The Sound of Photosynthesis arrived during Kerrville too so they'll be available at these shows. Come get your copy hot off the patootie press.

Here's this weeks schedule of gigs and gogs.

• TUESDAY JUNE 9 - Secret Show.... SHHHH! 
Buck Meek, Adrianne Lenker, me and Raina Rose are singing beginning at 9 pm in the hidden fields of Zilker Park. The details say: "The show is going to start at 9 pm on the dark side of those cliffs in the middle of the giant field at Zilker where ACL is held."

Hope that helps some...

• THURSDAY JUNE 11 - TANTRA COFFEEHOUSE IN SAN MARCOS along with The Deer, Adrianne and Buck's group Big Thief beginning at 6:30 pm and if that isn't enough, I'm sure other special guests will be abounding. Tell all your friends. 217 W. Hopkins, San Marcos 512.558.2233 tantracoffee.blogspot.com

• SATURDAY JUNE 13 - ART IN THE SQUARE IN SAN MARCOS, 3:15 pm outside with all the art booths.

• SUNDAY JUNE 14 - HOUSE CONCERT, HYDE PARK, AUSTIN. The last of this year's Texas concert batch: two QTN sets beginning early at 7 pm. RSVP for address and info. Seating is limited, RSVP necessary.

See you suddenly. Thanks to all of you who have preordered the new album.

Your corn forest pundit,

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