03 July, 2009


• Back to the land of treegreen and oceansky after being long in the land of heartland and hugesky to the south and east. I've just been to the huge exceptional Kerrville Folk Fest community that appears every year, affects the whole worldland and comes back into being again 49 weeks later, next Memorial Day. What happens when you put a core group of a couple thousand who live on the same 25 acres for nearly a whole moon? There is no other experience or 12 fret program like it. (kerrvillefolkfestival.com)

• Summer means life in the fest lane and so here we go again zooming into the 40th Oregon Country Fair. This year I get to play with a sweet band featuring Tim Heaton on basso profundo, Tiny Montgomery on slide and guitar, Linky Dickson on washboard, voices (and who knows what else), the unexpected fiddle and/or soprano sax of Jeff Hobbs and of course the spontenacity of other musical surprises woven into the sparkle of the Fair. If you are thinking of attending, buy tickets in advance. They are not available at the gate. (oregoncountryfair.org).

Even if you can't come to the Fair you can hear our Saturday July 11 2:15 pm (Pacific time) set on the Blue Moon stage streamed live on KRVM. See the *** at the bottom for information about KRVM's streaming live worldwide online. This year faraway folk can tune in vicariously and hear it all as it's happening at krvm.org.

Anne Feeney has put together almost four dozen acclaimed musicians to launch the Sing Out for Single Payer Road Show. Modeled after the traveling chautauquas of the 1930s, these concerts will take place nightly from San Diego, CA to Bellingham, WA. I will be in on the concerts in Eugene, Portland, and Vancouver, Snohomish and Olympia in Washington state and other confirmed performers are Adam + Kris, Austin's Green Mountain Grass, Raina Rose, Jason Luckett, Patrick Dodd and others

• Here's where you can come hear me live in the next few weeks. Things change in this rapidly expanding universe, so check for updates often.

Oregon Country Fair --SHADY GROVE STAGE 2:30 pm
Oregon Country Fair --BLUE MOON STAGE 2:15 pm
Oregon Country Fair --ENERGY PARK STAGE 3:15 pm
Eugene's Scobert Park near the corner of 4th and Blair 7 pm with special guests
EUGENE Sing Out for Single Payer Healthcare Roadshow with Anne Feeney and others!
The Very Little Theater! 2350 Hilyard St.,Eugene, OR 97405-2954
EUGENE Sam Bond’s Garage with Alexa Woodward and Linky Dickson! 8:30 pm
4th and Blair
VANCOUVER Sing Out for Single Payer Healthcare Roadshow
SNOHOMISH Sing Out for Single Payer Healthcare Roadshow
at River's Edge, 1011 First St., Snohomish, WA 98102 360.568.5835
OLYMPIA Sing Out for Single Payer Healthcare Roadshow TBA
St Francis Park Vestpocket Concerts, PORTLAND at SE 12th and Oak. Bring a picnic but no alcohol.

***Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Oregon Country Fair with KRVM! Listen to their live broadcast from the Blue Moon Stage at 91.9 FM in Eugene or via streaming audio online at KRVM.org. My quartet plays Saturday July 11 at 2:15 pm Pacific Time (that's 4:15 pm in the midwest).

And check out who's playing on their live broadcast schedule. There are several notables whose names you will recognize. Kerrverts also pay special attention to Peter Wilde, Green Mountain Grass and David Jacobs-Strain who are all Kerr-notables. The others are all great too. VIsit the Fair vicariously live streaming into your home or recorder...

All times are Pacific Time

Friday, July 10:
4:30 PM - Bongo Love, Afrocoustic sounds of Zimbabwe
6:00 PM - Joanne Rand, Psychadelic- Folk- Revival

Saturday, July 11:
12:00 PM - Magical Mystery Tour, from the Fair, with hosts Ed K & TC
2:15 PM - Brian Cutean, Gypsyhooplamojobopmedicine Music
3:30 PM - Laura Kemp, Bluefolk Jazz-Grass
4:45 PM - Green Mountain Grass, Gonzo-Grass
6:00 PM - The Sugar Beets, Soul Empowering Grooves

Sunday, July 12:
3:15 PM - LoCura!, Vibrant Reggae, Flamenco, Cuban Son
4:45 PM - David Jacobs-Strain, Fiery Roots Guitar
6:00 PM - Peter Wilde, Alt-Americana

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