06 July, 2013

Time for another Oregon Country Fair!

Summery times and life in the fest lane to ye all!
(photos by Kimm Still)

Time for another Oregon Country Fair and this year I'm celebrating a quarter century of performing there with a limited-run commemorative CD of live performances from the last 12 or so years from me and the QBand on the various stages we have gone through. 

QTNTFYOCF will be available during our performances this year and all proceeds go towards a new QTN studio disc already underway. Take a look at the wild cover art...

  This album is a collection of moments where the edges blur and the unexpected is every moment unto itself. The spirit of the rarified air of the Oregon Country Fair is everywhere in these musical notes and breathings that came through just as the circus went past or the dragon or the Mud People...

Out on this land that disappears beneath the Long Tom River each year, our edges get frayed, our wires get crossed and we allow something other to come through – raggedy and hilarious, groovilicious, spontenacious and obsesstuous, either all and, higher than the whirld centrifugally frugal, and nothing like it ever was and never will be again as it's already changed again by now. 

Here's our set times. See you there!

QTN and The QBand at Oregon Country Fair! 

Friday July 12 – Community Village – 4 pm

Saturday July 13 – Shady Grove – 1 pm

Sunday July 14 – Blue Moon – 1 pm

and other spontenacious moments...

Order tickets ahead as NO tickets are sold on-site.
See the complete schedule and order tickets through www.oregoncountryfair.org
In Portland, tickets are available at Music Millennium too.

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