09 May, 2017


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 Like to host a QTN houseconcert, 
or an evening of wordless guitar music
in May or June? Write QTNZYME (at) yahoo (dot) com. 

The post Kerr June calendar will be updated with last-minute spontenacities I’m sure.


FRIDAY MAY 12 - Linda Allen's Fine Foods in Wimberley with Ike Eichenberg. 6:30 to 9 pm. A sweet treat of a place to play and eat at with delicious food and great people. Sit under the trees with a fine buncha folks eating a fine buncha Linda Allen's food. 
500 FM 2325, Wimberley, Texas 78676 512.847.5464 lindasfinefoods.com

TUESDAY MAY 16 - QTN in concert at Radio Coffee and Beer with Amy Sue Berlin and Kendra Kinsey opening. Music begins at 8 pm. All ages are welcome. Don't miss this one. 4208 Manchaca Rd. Austin, TX 78704 radiocoffeeandbeer.com            Facebook Event

THURSDAY MAY 25 – JUNE 11 - The 46th Kerrville Folk Festival. I'll be out there maybe the whole time... What are you waiting for? Get your tickets, make your plans and come out to the Quiet Valley Ranch. Fall into the sky as you sing and meet a buncha extraordinary people you may be friends with for the rest of your life. The schedule and all the info is at kerrville-music.com

Brian sez:
Hello to you all in the burgeoning blossoming of this 2017 boing of Spring.  I’ve never left the Northwest this late to head to Texas and I’m soo ready for this year’s spin there. All around the hillside abode I ostensibly live at, the ground is like quicksand and mud is all around from unrelenting rains and cold. Now here I am heading to the place that’s been warmest since February and the people I get to see are resonant, creative and multifaceted.

It has been a time of many extenuating life circumstances and already quite a year, unlike any other and for everyone I know. These hearts reach for connection as the world puts on quite a show. Everything that used to be preposterous is post-posterous now and if there’s one thing certain, it is that uncertainty can be a principal activating force of the multiverse.

So I’ma heading down to the Hill Country for another round of QTN concerts, late night food, good people visits, the rivers and the rolling hills of whatever is left undeveloped of that most beloved virtual rurality. This sun, sky and southwestern birds are most welcome to these Northwet behind the ears. I am especially looking forward to bone warming heat. This winter had nearly 150 days of rain (and ice storms and cold and snow) where I live so the change is welcome.

Thirty seven years ago, two of my songs got selected for New Folk which brought me to Quiet Valley Ranch for the first time and I still look forward to it each year. The Kerrville Folk Fest has taugh me so much and it's been a part of my migratory pattern ever since. One of my favourite things ever is sleeping on the ground there when a dramatic thunderous storm comes through and shakes the earth beneath my body.

Once again, I’ve left my truck in Oregon and that means I’m on the lookout to borrow a street legal vehicle while I am in the Austin/San Marcos area for short gigs, a day or a week at a time. Of course, the endibilities are posstless and I am open to suggestions.

This year my CD, the sound of photosynthesis follows me along with a QTN colouring book  LOLOLOLOLOLO. If there ever were an appropos time for absurdity, it’s now and these days, colouring books are back in vogue I hear (they’re probably in other magazines too…).

Stream new music via brianQTN.bandcamp.com and listen and download from the same page. There’s plenty of old weird QTN songs along with whole albums. Order by mail with a check or money order? Yes thank you! Tell me where and how many.

I did an hour-long interview with Tom May on the River City Folk radio show from Omaha Public Radio, that aired a couple of weeks back. I just posted it in two parts so you can stream it at soundcloud.com/brianQTN.

If you made it this far, I thank you most heartily. How’s your popcorn?

Your corn forest pundit,

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