21 June, 2023

QTN Summer News: OCF, Logodaidalia, gigs and hilarity!

 Howdeee folks!

Here we are mere hours away from the longest day of the year and the season is sweetly turning even as Texas is already in the 100s and Oregon is not even 70 today and the rain gushed forth in fifths and sixths. I’m just returning from this year’s Kerrville Folk Festival filled to the brim, Jim, with inspiration, songs and after spending golden time with brilliant beings, new and old and many excellent songwriters. Living in a tent for a month changes everything I’ma tell you whut.

There are a couple sections here of news to cover
A. New Logodaidalia Book
B. Upcoming concerts
C. Oregon Country Fair

A. New Logodaidalia Book – I am here to tell you this summer is looking busy with gigs and fun but the big news is the QTN book, Logodaidalia. It has just been released and is available for mail order or local delivery now. It’s a book of bedtime stories for when you get up in the morning, and I’ve heard many rave reviews already. I did a reading at Kerrville for the annual Road Dog Literary Society and folks really dug it there. Copies are $15 each postage paid. Reply to this email with your address and either use Paypal and send as a friend payment at (paypal.me/BQTN) or feel free to send an old fashioned check. Here’s the gorgeous cover:

B. Upcoming QTN concerts – Here is a rundown of what’s coming soon in the Willamette Valley of Oregon:

• Sunday, July 2, Matt the Electrician from Austin at Tsunami Books with QTN opening– Tickets $21 on sale now at the store or call 541.345.8986 to reserve. Order from Tsunami's website here.

• Saturday June 24, QTN Wordless Guitar at 16 Tons, 2864 Willamette St. 6-8 pm in the South Eugene plaza with Market of Choice. All ages are welcome – it’s free!

• Every other Monday QTN Wordless Guitar, July 3, 17 etc before bingo at Sam Bond’s Garage, 6:30-8:30 free for all ages.

I’ll be playing OCF again for my 35th year accompanied by the luminous QTN Band this year featuring Jason Montgomery on bass, Michelle Alany on violin, Courtney von Drehle on accordion, Andrew Alikhanov on clarinet and Simon Lucas on drums and percussives. See the whole weekend’s line up and read all about it in this year’s Peach Pit here

QTN stage sets (others possible and guests likely):

Friday, July 7 – 1:40 pm – Blue Moon 
Saturday, July 8 – 1:40 pm – Hoarse Chorale

More on other July gigs including the annual Post OCF Scobert Park Picnic and Applegate Folk Festival and others coming soon! Stay tuned!

Your corn forest pundit,

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