31 October, 2023

QTNews: Harvest Between the Veils



Howdy and Boo to you!

Here we are – somehow already perched between the veils in the Samhain time of the year where it’s All Hallow’s Eve. The harvest is in and the dark season begins, meteor leaves are falling and the first blasts of cold come wheezing in – but wasn’t it just berry-picking August last week? Time is a funny construct indeed and another one of those things made up by someone, like maps, calendars, money, laws, political parties and race. It is all made up, ostensibly to serve a purpose, but not always the highest-minded purpose we are capable of. Some of these things even betray our basic humanity so hearts hurt and suffer because of them. If those things can all be made up by humans and eventually accepted, I’d say it’s high time we got to work making up other possible futures we can believe in to include and celebrate ALL the parts. Perched between the veils we are indeed…

After two eclipses in a month, annular and a lunar, and a whole lotta shakin going on, it’s been difficult to focus on present time with all the rage and terror surrounding. Where I come from, life is sacred in all forms and with dear friends in the line of fire there, heart is filled with trepidation here. Still I feel it’s important to continue to raise these collective voices, push the art pedal to the floor and bust through the prevailing cognitive dissonance and ridiculuum that surrounds. Art saves lives everyday and is needed more than ever now. Artificial Intelligence (if that’s what you want to call it) can never replace real heart connection work. I don’t have any answers to the world’s biggest questions, but I believe the work I do is the best I have to offer.

This year I released Logodaidalia, a new book of bedtime stories to read when you wake in the morning. The book’s dreamtime metafable language encourages us to stay with our dreams a bit longer upon awakening instead of jumping out of bed to begin the day. The 52 stories are a full deck of liquid, playful narratives that zig and zog, and sound great read out loud. Click on the blue title above to order your copy online through my Bandcamp portal. Not buying online? Reply to this email for orders with me directly. See the beautiful cover created by San Marcos artist Nick Mackee below. 

Another new book I'm honoured to be a part of this year is an anthology just published by Tsunami Press called Bookstore Clerks and Significant Others. Two imaginative stories I wrote not in Logodaidalia are included and the book hits the street this week. Its online ordering portal is instantly available by clicking on the blue title above. Last year Tsunami published Ken Babbs’ Cronies, a true Merry Prankster memoir-burlesque by Intrepid Traveler himself. Babbs has been there from the beginning of the Prankster adventures. 

Tsunami Press follows that book with this collection of 28 wild-mind writers from many backgrounds. I am pickled tink to be included and I can’t wait to read the whole thing.

Books ship free to anywhere in the US and if you live around these here parts, you can pick up a copy of either book in person at Tsunami Books in Eugene. Logodaidalia is also available locally at Sundance Natural Foods. Buy extra copies for your bookloving friends. They will thank you most heartily.

A toast to the emerging season! 
Heartpeace and deep breathing to still the rampaging being I wish you all.

You corn forest pundit,

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